Gradiant develops cybersecurity technologies for networks, systems and information, approaching the protection of sensitive information by using cryptographic techniques and secure communications systems, both standard or ad-hoc based. Gradiant uses data analytics techniques for the detection of anomalous events, that may be clues of attacks to systems.

Also, Gradiant works in the processing and distribution of information for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Gradiant technologies are applicable to the protection of platforms and critical facilities or to border control, like multimedia analysis or interpretation of scenes, as well as Gradiant’s latests developments in biometric security, .

Gradiant designs onboard systems for payloads and avionics, based on programmable devices, embedded platforms and sensors. Gradiant develops technologies for navigation and positioning, as well as safe satellite communications systems.


What does Gradiant this sector?     


  • Secure communication systems
  • Biometric security
  • Security of infrastructures and borders through multimedia signal processing.
  • Advanced cryptographic systems for secure information processing
  • Privacy: protection of personal information
  • Data Analytics for anomaly detection