Research Lines:

  • Intelligent video analysis, with particular emphasis on high complexity natural environments monitoring, such as maritime surveillance and monitoring from aerial platforms (e.g. UAVs). Through the use of mutiespectrum cameras (visible and thermal), Gradiant provides technology for detecting and tracking objects in such environments, enabling the development of surveillance applications, fast emergency response and natural resources protection.
  • Document security, and more specifically, traceability of documents using digital watermarking techniques. Gradiant’s proprietary technology, Shadow, can include hidden and undetectable confidential information in text documents, providing clues to identify the responsible for leaking the confidential information included in them. This hidden information is resistant to distortions, such as those occurring in the printing process and/or scanning of documents, enabling Shadow for traceability on both digital and printed formats.
  • Biometric recognition: Gradiant has developed proprietary technology to recognize individuals using face, voice and/or handwritten signature. All three versions can be used separately or combined, in order to increase the safety and effectiveness of the recognition process and to allow supervision in market sectors such as banking or health systems. Gradiant focuses on the development of biometric technology in mobile enviroments, where the processing is carried out within the mobile device itself. We pay specil attention to issues such as the privacy of biometric data, and security against attacks, such as presentation of photographs or videos showing the genuine user.