Videos, documents or images provide the raw material with which we work in different technologies: data. With our experience in their processing, we provide companies and institutions with different solutions to guarantee a higher degree of security and efficiency in their management.


For over a decade now, we have been working on tools that facilitate identity verification and document validation as well as the classification of huge amounts of data so that entities can make efficient use of the information. We have solutions capable of analyzing from document manipulation to monitoring large areas of land or sea surface.

In Gradiant we work in three lines of multimedia analysis: Identity & Forensics, Image & Video Analytics and Document Management tools.

Identity & Forensic

At Gradiant we have more than a decade of experience in the development of different technologies capable of providing a maximum level of protection and identification of different types of files. Our multimedia analysis tools have applications in both the private and public sectors. We live in a time of enormous security challenges and at a time when the illicit use of documents, such as forgery or manipulation, is becoming more and more sophisticated.

Therefore, for sectors such as finance or public administrations, solutions such as those we research and develop at Gradiant are essential. With digital watermarking techniques, multimedia forensics and using artificial intelligence we are able to detect document forgery, manipulations in JPEG and PDF files quickly and safely.


Image & Video Analytics

For more than a decade, Gradiant has been working on the research and development of video analytics techniques to monitor complex natural environments. Today’s environmental challenges require commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals that Gradiant believes are achievable with the help of technology.

The protection of natural resources, maritime surveillance and surveillance from aerial platforms provide essential tools for environmental conservation. The use of multispectral cameras, for example, allows the detection and tracking of objects. Our solutions use video analytics technology and enable the efficient use of resources; effective surveillance and rapid action in emergency situations are also real applications of the technology developed by Gradiant.


Document management

Efficient and productive data management in the volumes required by corporations and public administrations today is possible thanks to different solutions developed by Gradiant. Through an efficient handling of big data and data analytics tools, our technologies allow an efficient and secure use of data. These tools are essential for the advancement, for example, of Industry 4.0.

But the use and management of data requires guarantees of privacy and anonymization also possible with the developments made by our team.

El análisis multimedia es una de las tecnologías que trabajamos en Gradiant