We use our know-how in signal processing, analysis and classification to obtain relevant and interesting information in videos, images and documents.


We collect data to help companies offer an extra level of security, either by analysing an identity document to detect if it has been tampered with or by taking advantage of on-board cameras in drones to obtain relevant information from captured images.

Video, image and document analysis

Intelligent video analytics

We are experts in video analytics techniques for monitoring highly complex natural environments, such as maritime surveillance and aerial platform surveillance. Through the use of multispectral cameras (e.g. visible and thermal), we provide technology for object detection and tracking, allowing the best development of surveillance applications, emergencies and protection of natural resources.


Document security

For ten years we have been developing technologies related to the protection and identification of different types of files in order to guarantee multimedia security in different fields. Through techniques such as digital watermarking or multimedia forensics and using artificial intelligence we can detect the illicit use of documents by a user or detect manipulations and forgeries in JPEG and PDF files quickly and securely.