Valida by Gradiant helps companies detect and identify fraud in business processes involving the exchange of digital documents.

Our technology assesses the reliability of digital documents in online registration and identification processes.

Organizations gain an extra level of security in these operations as our technology alerts the company to possible attacks, such as the detection of photographic captures to images displayed on screen or printed images.

AI-based document forgery detection for fraud prevention


Valida ID

Valida ID evaluates the reliability of identity documents to prevent fraud in user onboarding and KYC processes.

Our technology automatically detects in seconds if the identity documents presented when registering in an online system have been captured from a screen. Developed 10

Valida ID offers greater security in user identity verification processes by analysing any ID document image and detecting identity theft attacks, while combating fraud and complying with the security requirements for this type of process.



Valida Docs

Valida Docs is an automatic forensic analysis tool that detects manipulations in images or PDF documents to prevent online fraud.

Our technology can detect digitally manipulated documents in a wide variety of processes, automatically and in seconds. Developed entirely by Gradiant, our technology analyses any type of digital document (payslips, invoices, claims documentation, proof of residence…) and identifies manipulations that could compromise the integrity of the documents.

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Valida Deepfake

Gradiant’s Deepfake Detection Technology offers the possibility of analysing a video file in real time and assessing if it is a genuine video or a deepfake generated video. Gradiant’s deepfake detection technology has the following unique features:

Decision making on video or image level.

Real time analysis.

Easy to integrate solution.

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