Valida by Gradiant assesses the trustworthiness of digital documents to prevent fraud in on-boarding and KYC processes.

Our technology allows companies to offer an extra level of security in such operations by analysing an ID document image and detecting spoofing attacks, thus combating fraud and avoiding losses.

Valida by Gradiant is an automatic forensic analysis tool that detects edits and manipulated regions in jpeg or pdf documents. This technology also offers a series of alerts to inform the client of possible attacks in digital onboarding scenarios, such as the detection of photographic captures to images displayed on screen or printed images.

AI-based document forgery detection for fraud prevention

Make VALIDA a part of your native, cross-platform, or web application thanks to its easy API integration.

Valida by Gradiant allows companies to offer an extra level of security and prevent fraud by analysing documents, JPEG images and PDF files, and detecting digital forgeries through AI-based forensic techniques:

  • Automatically detects digital forgeries in ID documents, bills, payslips, etc.
  • Automatically detects whether a document has been captured from a screen display
  • Supports all types of ID documents and nationalities: passports, national ID documents, driving licenses, etc. without the need of adaptation nor specific training
  • Does not require connection to external databases (e.g. ID document databases) to detect modifications
  • Does not require the original document to detect modifications
  • Supports JPEG images and PDF files


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