One of the current challenges is the result of the huge amount of information that is generated in any production process, in the systems of the administration and public services or in the different phases of development of any company. Therefore, in Gradiant we work to offer solutions to store, manage and make efficient use of all this data with Applied Artificial Intelligence techniques.
Thanks to the analysis of data extracted from production processes in key sectors, for example, companies can make more efficient use of their resources. This is just one example of the multiple possibilities offered by the solutions researched at Gradiant in which we apply Artificial Intelligence. The efficient use of information even reaches sectors such as healthcare.

For this, coupled with the development of these solutions, are the advances made by our teams to ensure the security, privacy and anonymization of data from which useful information is extracted to streamline processes in which time is a key factor.

Data analysis and Big Data

The ability of companies to manage and analyze data becomes a vital need to be competitive in today’s market. The possibilities offered by the information extracted from efficient data management allow companies to make decisions and carry out actions that make them more efficient and sustainable.

For this, technological tools that are capable of processing Big Data for each context are essential. At Gradiant we have spent years developing and designing information processing systems of diverse nature and adapted to different environments. These are tools that make use of Applied Artificial Intelligence to extract relevant information and that companies and public administrations can apply with all the guarantees of security and privacy.


Machine Learning and data management

The possibilities offered by Machine Learning techniques to industrial processes is one of the driving advances of the revolution in the sector or Industry 4.0. The ability to prevent problems in certain ongoing processes or the solvency to detect certain results in the production phases, are just two examples of the competitive advantage that marks an efficient management of information and analysis through Machine Learning technologies.

In Gradiant we work on different resources that allow the anticipation of future events, real-time simulations that are possible thanks to the processing of large volumes of information and algorithms capable of learning autonomously. The use of Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques employed by Gradiant allow us to visualize in a clear, efficient and attractive way the relevant information to speed up decision making.

Gradiant investiga y desarrolla diferentes soluciones con técnicas de Inteligencia Artificial Aplicada