Occupancy Monitoring by Gradiant is an automatic people counting and occupancy monitoring system for spaces with a large influx of people.

The so called “new normality” brings new preventive measures to public spaces, such as the need to ensure a 2 metre distance between bathers at beaches, and a limit to occupancy in different spaces and venues.

In order to facilitate a balance that guarantees the health and safety of all while enjoying the beaches and other natural or leisure environments, Gradiant has designed a system, based on artificial intelligence and intelligent video analysis, that allows the detection and accurate counting of people, automatically and in real time.

Artificial Intelligence for people counting and occupancy monitoring

Occupancy Monitoring by Gradiant exploits the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to provide accurate counting in open spaces, such as beaches, parks or large squares. 


  • Reliable AI-based people counting using cutting-edge Deep Learning architectures and curated data
  • Compatible with drone, fixed and PTZ cameras, and with most legacy CCTV systems
  • Occupancy monitoring with automatic terrain and area separation: sand, water, paved waterfront, etc.
  • REST API for seamless integration with third party legacy surveillance and monitoring systems.
  • Automatic logging for evidence reporting and historical data analysis available
  • GDPR compliant