Guide to navigate the 5G Forum 

5G forum 2024


This year, we return to the 5G Forum to showcase our advances in technology focused on two main aspects: the security of 5G networks and UxVs. The event will take place at the Nissan Cartuja Auditorium in Seville, in a hybrid format with two in-person days (May 6th and 7th) and three virtual days (May 8th, 9th, and 10th), where the most representative agents of 5G networks will converge. In addition to serving as sponsors, we will be represented by the Advanced Communications team, led by Luis Pérez Roca, who will contribute their know-how in 5G security and security for drones. But if it’s your first time at the 5G Forum or you haven’t studied the agenda of this event very closely, we’re going to present you with the essentials of this edition of the 5G Forum.


6GDiferente by Vicomtech

Don’t miss out on the presentation of 6GDiferente, our joint project under the Cervera Excellence Network in Mobile Communications. Coordinated with Vicomtech and also involving i2Cat, this initiative aims to push the boundaries in advancing 5G networks. 


5G Broadcast Perspectives by Gsertel

Explore the latest in 5G broadcast technology with Gsertel. They promise some intriguing insights into the future of broadcasting. At Gradiant, we’ve been working for years on deploying broadcast communications over 5G networks. 


Exploring 6G with Narcís Cardona

Narcís Cardona, professor at the Universitat Politècnica de València and director of the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTeam), is also the vice president of One6GGlobal. In his virtual conference, he’ll delve into the future of wireless networks and their convergence with AI, a fascinating topic sure to spark some interesting debates. 


Telecommunications Operators’ Perspectives

Stay tuned for presentations from major telecommunications operators. Discover their insights into the future of 5G and beyond. 

From Telefónica, don’t miss the presentation ‘Future Networks Lab Projects in Andalusia’ and the interview with Sergio de los Santos from Telefónica Tech. Also, to commemorate their century of history, there’s a scheduled conference titled ‘5G Today and 5G Tomorrow: A Centennial Company’s Vision.’ Another conference to look out for is ‘Future Trends and the Value of Telecommunications.’ Meanwhile, Vodafone will be presenting on ‘Network API Standardization.’ Orange (MasOrange) will host an intriguing conference called ‘5G in the Enterprise: Operational Efficiency and Quality of Service’ and another one titled ‘5G: New Uses, Sustainability, and Security.’ 

Gradiant has developed various projects with Telefónica, one of the latest being the 5G drone delivery project. Orange will also offer several presentations at this event. At Gradiant, we collaborate with this company on the 5G Pilots – Orange project, which aims to drive the digitization of the economy in different productive sectors through the implementation of 5G use cases. Additionally, Vodafone, with whom we have shared some initiatives, will offer an interesting conference on Network API standardization.

Innovative Solutions from Gradiant

Visit our booth at the event to learn more about Gradiant’s innovative solutions in 5G security and drone technology: 

In terms of 5G network security, at our booth, you’ll discover our latest advancements in automated interference detection, distributed spectral monitoring sondesprobe, physical layer key generation (PKG), security based on quantum technologies, private 5G networks, and designing sensitive computing architectures. 


Sky Security

Also, at our booth, you’ll uncover Gradiant’s advancements in drone security. You’ll get insights into various focus areas such as communication link design, mission planning, 5G remote control, on-board video analytics, and custom payload design. 

Come visit us at the 5G Forum in Seville for a journey into the future of communication technology. With our guide in hand, you’ll make the most of this event and discover the latest innovations shaping the 5G ecosystem. See you there