58% of internet fraud is identity fraud and can be avoided

valida es una herramienta contra el fraude en internet de tipo documental

Valida by Gradiant is 100% developed by Gradiant and performs screen detection on identity documents using AI-based forensic techniques

 More than 3.4 million documents have been verified with Valida by Gradiant


Identity fraud is one of the most frequent crimes on the internet. According to a report by the Spanish Association of Companies Against Fraud in 2021 it accounted for 58% of the total registered fraud, while 29% of the crimes were related to document fraud. The Aite Novarica report estimated, in the same year and in the US alone, that losses from identity theft would grow to $635.4 billion by 2023. However, there are tools available to detect if a document is fake or if the identification process is being falsified and among them, Valida is one of the most effective and fastest. Gradiant has developed this tool, which has verified more than 3.4 million documents. 

It is very common for companies to have platforms where the user must register and create a profile in order to use certain services or purchase different products. This process is known as digital onboarding. In the case of banks and financial companies, there is a protocol called Know Your Customer or KYC. This procedure is mandatory and serves as a first security barrier that prevents these institutions from allowing money or individuals related to criminal activities to access their services. For both processes, identification with official documents is required. But criminals falsify them: the 2023 Ondato report found that in Spain, three out of every 100 registration processes include false documentation. 

Valida by Gradiant uses artificial intelligence to verify the identity of users through forensic techniques and offers companies an extra layer of security by identifying fraud in online user identity verification processes. Valida Docs detects manipulations in images or PDF documents, while Valida ID verifies whether identity documents presented when signing up to an online system have been captured from a screen. 


More than 3.4 million verifications performed with Valida by Gradiant

According to experts, identity documents are the most susceptible to be used with malicious intent, up to 52% in this type of fraud. They are followed by driving licenses, which account for 29% of forged documents; passports are used in 18% of cases. This preference for ID documents by criminals is due to the conviction that they are the most vulnerable and easiest document to forge. Thanks to Gradiant’s Valida ID, nothing could be further from the truth asValida ID evaluates the veracity of documents in user onboarding and KYC processes quickly and automatically. Valida by Gradiant has verified more than 3.4 million ID documents and passports with this technology.

Aware of the speed required by companies in these verification processes, our solution is able to, automatically and in fractions of a second, carry out tests to check whether the image presented has been captured from a screen. In just an instant, Valida ID and its screen detection tool analyzes hundreds of data points in the document image, looking for subtle nuances, imperceptible to the human eye, such as image patterns, color changes and textures. Developed 100% in-house at Gradiant, our Valida ID solution has a 99% reliability and a 1% False or False Rejection Rate (FRR).  

Valida by Gradiant becomes a fundamental tool for companies that offer onboarding services or entities that need to comply with the strict and mandatory KYC protocol. Thanks to the application of forensic techniques based on Artificial Intelligence and data analytics, Valida by Gradiant prevents identity theft and fraudulent operations which are  crimes that have a huge economic cost for companies.