Connectivity is one of the three research areas of Gradiant. We have carried out numerous R&D projects related to broadcast, cable, satellite and IoT for companies in the telecommunications sector, in many cases in Galicia.

Almost all of them have become successful commercial products.

Communications subsystems

We focus on the design and development of communications subsystems to operate in different transmission media, both wireless (terrestrial, satellite, etc) and guided, based on standards or designed ad-hoc according to customer needs for any scenario. We provide solutions according to the requirements and characteristics of each sector, from terrestrial or satellite broadcast, mobile communications, tactical-military or in the fields of energy and aeronautics. 


Cellular communications 5G, 6G & beyond 

The ecosystem of technology and service providers is constantly changing and 5G and subsequent generations have been catalysts for those changes. Communications are no longer monolithic. Now, different services and functions are organized as autonomous, virtual entities, communicated by open, well-defined interfaces. The doors have been opened to new participants in this ecosystem traditionally reserved for a few entities with a very significant weight in the sector. Providers coming from the world of Cloud services have identified the opportunities offered by the market and are already offering the possibility of deploying private 5G networks on a self-provisioned basis.

With regard to 6G, which is still in its infancy, the key is to extend the perimeter of the network beyond the area of connectivity. The sixth generation covers basic functions for the deployment of complex systems such as computation (expanding the concept of MEC already contemplated by 5G), simultaneous sensing and communication, positioning, incorporation of cognitive schemes, etc.  


Signal Intelligence

The Signal Intelligence in Communications (SIGINT) discipline has been of great relevance in sectors such as Security and Defense. In Gradiant we research and develop SIGINT for different applications and integrated technologies ranging from agile detection of signals in the spectrum, determination of the spatial origin of the signals, to the intelligent generation of jamming for different purposes.


Silent UAV
Gradiant trabaja en el desarrollo de sistemas de comunicaciones