Communication Subsystems – This line focuses on the design and development of communications subsystems to operate in different transmission media, both wireless (terrestrial, satellite, etc.) and guided, standards-based or ad-hoc designed under customers specification for specific scenarios (land, maritime, aeronautical, etc.). We apply this knowledge to solve the different communications needs that arise in different sectors from terrestrial or satellite broadcast, mobile and military tactical communications, as well as in the energy and aeronautics market sectors.

Spectrum Engineering – In the current context of decrease of the radio spectrum under intense demand, we emphasize our work on cognitive radio and spectral gaps in the UHF band, among which there are the implementation of spectral monitoring schemes and the development of geo-referenced databases for television band. We also highlight our technologies related to intelligent monitoring and analysis of signal interferences (SIGINT, COMINT). Our experience has solved technological challenges on communications and spectrum usage in different market sectors, such as satellite and terrestrial broadcast, mobile communications, etc.


Positioning and Navigation Gradiant designs and develops positioning systems that help provide location services with high precision on bounded areas (either for internal or external enviroments), and is also experienced on designing and developing algorithms for increasing the precision of global positioning systems (such as GPS, GLONASS or Galileo), and for strengthening global positioning systems.

Research Lines:

  • Waveforms
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Intelligent Communications Systems