Airborne Surveillance by Gradiant improves surveillance capabilities by incorporating state-of-the-art video analysis tools to drone operations.

Securing large infrastructures, either at land or at sea, using human power and standard video surveillance alone, is neither functional nor cost effective. Incorporating drones into existing missions can solve operational challenges but involves large integration efforts.

Airborne Surveillance by Gradiant combines our expertise in image processing and a deep understanding of drone operations, to provide highly customisable advanced Video Analytics tools, in a small footprint hardware package that is ready for integration with your UAS for real time operations.

Our system helps solution providers and system integrators to reduce costs and extend their response capabilities.

Maritime & land surveillance

Airborne Surveillance by Gradiant provides support for manual and programmed surveillance missions, and make your drone respond to potentially relevant events using Video Analytics technologies.

Our system turn your drone into an advanced surveillance station capable of autonomous and beyond the line of sight operation. Besides, it provides your surveillance team critical information and alarms on events of interest in real time.

Airborne Surveillance by Gradiant can help you in these scenarios:

  • Maritime surveillance: detect, identify and track objects of interest over the surface of the water in real time
  • Traffic monitoring & perimeter surveillance: turn your UAS into an autonomous surveillance station with detection and tracking capabilities for the objects of interest of your choice
  • UAS navigation & airspace monitoring: provide your UAS with information about its surroundings and monitor the airspace in real time
  • Large infrastructure surveillance: combine existing PTZ cameras with drones for extended coverage and new surveillance capabilities

Airborne Surveillance by Gradiant is specially conceived for solutions providers, drone manufacturers and systems integrators to operate in security and defense, search & rescue, and smart farming sectors.