Gradiant takes part at ‘I Jornada drones policiales’


This event is about the new RD 1036/2017, which regulates the use of civil remote-controlled aircraft

Sabadell hosts this event, which is taking place from 26th November at the Complejo Cental in this city

The Generalitat Police – Mossos organizes the “I jornada drons policials” in Catalonia, exclusively focused on members of the security forces. The event takes place from 26th November in the Central Complex of Sabadell and it is a meeting place for the different public security professionals, where police and civil experts will discuss the new RD 1036/2017. This regulation rules the use of civil aircraft piloted by remote control and this session talk about how the regulations affect the security forces, the processing of complaints, the operational prospects of drones to the police, forensic analysis and data extraction, antidron systems and applications that can offer these aircraft.

In this event, Gradiant presents our technology for the detection, classification, tracking and neutralization of drones. It is on Monday 26 from 15:45 hours.

You can check the program of this event here.