Bird Detection by Gradiant is an automatic bird detection and classification system designed for different scenarios, such as bird protection in wind farms or flight safety at airports.

In the context of the current energy transition process towards the decarbonisation of the energy mix, solutions that guarantee the survival and well-being of biodiversity are increasingly required.

Our system is focused on the protection of birds in the operational environments of wind energy infrastructures or other facilities that may pose a threat to birds. 

Bird Detection by Gradiant can be used both during the environmental impact assessment phase and during the operational phase of the infrastructure where it is deployed.

Artificial Intelligence and video analytics for automated bird detection and classification

Bird Detection by Gradiant incorporates the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time bird identification and classification in open spaces and natural environments such as wind farms, onshore and offshore and other natural settings.

  • AI and Deep Learning for bird identification and classification
  • High detection performance and low false alarms
  • Compatible with drone-borne cameras, fixed and PTZ cameras, as well as most existing CCTV systems
  • Separate and independent detection and classification modules, allowing flexible and modular deployments
  • REST API for out-of-the-box integration with other systems, e.g. anti-collision control systems for generators or audible alerting systems
  • Automatic logging for reporting and historical data analysis. Possibility of integration into a data analysis platform