KeyConnect by Gradiant allows apps using standardized cryptographic interfaces to transparently use cryptographic keys stored in Cloud services like Azure Key Vault.

KeyConnect does not need to provision, configure, patch, and maintain HSMs and key management software which will lead to a significant reduction in costs.

The Cloud will also provide scalability and availability to meet applications requirements and match peak demand.

Key security without the hardness and costs of HSM’s

KeyConnect is a cryptographic platform aimed at multi-sector companies with needs to securely manage keys on HSM devices. Using KeyConnect, applications will achieve the benefits of Cloud key management services without adding a line of code.

  • Effortlessly transform your application to make the most of Cloud key management services
  • Improve key security without the hardness and costs of HSM’s provision and management
  • Let your application grow without worrying about scalability and availability issue
  • Seamless integration with Active Directory for user management

Our solution is suitable for e-Government, e-Health, Banking, Trust Service Providers, among others