Gradiant leads ICAREWOUNDS, a European alliance aimed at promoting a comprehensive model of care for patients with chronic wound

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Through this three-year research initiative, ICAREWOUNDS will facilitate the work of European healthcare professionals in treating chronic wounds.

ICAREWOUNDS will analyse the care model for these patients in European hospitals and develop an AI-based model to support medical professionals in their work.

Driven by a consortium led by Gradiant and composed of six other entities, it is funded with €1.5 million and co-financed by the European Commission with the support of national agencies such as the Carlos III Health Institute.

Gradiant and the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Galicia Sur (IISGS), along with a consortium of six other entities, launches ICAREWOUNDS, a European alliance to promote a comprehensive model of care for patients with chronic wounds. The aim of this AI-driven research, led by the technological centre and commencing its activities this May with a duration of three years, is to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals

ICAREWOUNDS will optimise processes, make it easier for healthcare staff to decide on the best treatment for each situation, reduce healing times and reduce the cost of dressings and other healthcare resources. It will also facilitate the personalisation of care, provide doctors with tools to optimise care, enable communication and collaboration between care levels and seamless care delivery, and prevent the occurrence of adverse events.


The need to homogenise and generalise treatments

Luis Pérez Freire, Gradiant’s executive director, points out that “with the activation of this project we want to respond to the need to homogenise and generalise treatments in accordance with international clinical guidelines and to set ourselves the challenge of developing tools that are feasible for implementation in real healthcare systems, allowing us to maximise usability by healthcare professionals. To do this, we will start with an initial analysis of the processes currently followed in different European hospitals in the treatment of chronic wounds and we will integrate AI technologies to analyse them”.

With funding of 1.5 million euros and co-financed by the European Commission with the support of national agencies such as the Carlos III Health Institute, ICAREWOUNDS will be developed in collaboration with entities such as the Galicia Sur Health Research Institute (Spain), CyberEthics Lab (Italy), Medical University of Lodz (Poland), University College Dublin (Ireland), Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT (Finland), and Sigoria Security Solutions Ltd (Poland).




ICAREWOUNDS project has received funding from the European Commission, ISCIII, NCBR, HRB, AKA and MUR  under the framework the co-fund partnership of Transforming Health and Care Systems, THCS, (GA N° 101095654 of the EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme.

Award nº AC23_2/00048 and nº AC23_2/00031 by Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) through AES 2023 and within the THCS Partnership.