Gradiant has an extensive expertise on the application of signal processing techniques for communications, covering both RF/analog and digital sides of communications subsystems. The Center works on researching, designing and implementing Satellite Communication Systems; the development of technologies aimed at solving the different challenges of the next generation of mobile systems; and on modeling, analysis and efficient operation of the electromagnetic spectrum.

In addition, the Centre’s activities also extend to the design and implementation of solutions for positioning and navigation systems both indoor and outdoor; onboard systems based on programmable devices ,embedded platforms and multiple sensors; and extracting valuable information based on applying Signal Processing techniques to data provided by different sensors.

What we do:

  • Signal processing (RF / analog and digital)
  • Communications Subsystems:
    • Satellite communications
    • Mobile communications
  • Spectrum engineering
  • Positioning and navigation
  • Onboard systems
  • Sensor-based systems