Gradiant has extensive experience in the aviation & aerospace industry, with more than a dozen projects , including FP7 and H2020 funded European projects, regarding both civil and military applications, such as video surveillance, ground-air and satellite communications, photogrammetry, land and maritime security and defense , among others.

The experience of Gradiant’s team of specialists allows them to successly confront the challenges related to communications, navigation and the design and development of payloads for different missions.

What does Gradiant bring to the aerospace sector?

  • Advanced communications, communications subsystems and signal processing.
  • Navigation and Positioning
  • Complementary systems: Detection and monitoring of drones, simulators, ground systems for navigation support.
  • Onboard systems and sensors.
  • Data Analytics: data mining and discreet event simulation.
  • Multimedia signal processing: Intelligent Video Analysis for interpreting scenes, surveillance, monitoring and navigation.
  • Middleware.