The new industrial model involves a major shift in the paradigm of manufacturing, strongly based on data, in which ICT plays a key role. Gradiant has developed various tools and technologies for this new industry model. The Industry 4.0 will involve the integration of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) in manufacturing, logistics and the use of the Internet of Things and Services in industrial processes. 

Gradiant brings expertise and core competencies in this field for process monitoring, development and deployment of platforms and control systems, or real-time robust communications systems. In this model of data-centric industry some Gradiant technologies are particularly relevant. For instance, in the field of Data Analytics, to detect inefficiencies, predict failures, optimize and simulate industrial processes, etc. In addition, Gradiant brings technologies for the protection of critical information from industrial processes throughout all its life cycle (transmission, storage and processing). 


What do we bring to this sector?

  • Connectivity via Industrial IoT (IIoT) and embedded systems
  • Ad-hoc communications systems for industrial environments
  • Data Analytics and Big Data for analysis, process optimization, events prediction, etc.
  • Deployment and management of Cloud and IT infrastructures 
  • Information security (confidentiality, authentication); biometric access controls