In the primary sector, Gradiant’s experience on robust communications systems with low power consumption allows to interconnect sensors and adaptable IoT devices to different types of agriculture, livestock and fishing farms, to securize data from these farms or public management systems, and carry offshore connectivity thanks to our developments in Advanced Communications.

Gradiant technologies and developments based on Data Analytics can optimize processes and times in precision farming and fish farms, as well as predict failures in machines or diseases affecting plantations and cattle.

Finally, Gradaiant’s multimedia analysis technologies enable efficient surveillance and monitoring of natural environments and cattle, farms or fish farm facilities.


What do we bring to this sector?

  • Scalable deployment of IoT sensors to monitor processes in conventional farms, livestock and fish farms,
  • Platforms for control and monitoring systems of farms.
  • Integration of heterogeneous networks and high-level APIs for IoT service provision and embedded systems for Smart Farming.
  • Advanced communications and network architectures for real-time communication
  • Data Analytics to detect patterns, predict events and optimise process 
  • Multimedia analysis for monitoring and surveillance.