In Gradiant we develop technology that makes life easier for the people:

We humanize technologies, while betting for privacy and security. We are able to interpret and draw valuable conclusions about what citizens and customers disseminate, identifying their needs in the media and on social networks through Natural Language Processing using Machine Learning techniques and Artificial Intelligence.

We apply our technologies to entertainment and education, to steadily facilitate and monitor the adaptive learning of students thanks to extracting valuable conclusions from the analysis of the data generated in the educational processes.

We apply a layer of intelligence to our developments for Smart Cities, adding value through advanced communications technologies, sensors and Data Analytics.

What we bring to these sectors:     

  • Identification and Biometrics Security     
  • Data Analytics based eLearning developments and adaptive learning     
  • ICT applications for leisure    
  • Semantic and Natural Language Processing Analysis (PNL)     
  • Technologies for security and privacy of administrations and citizens     
  • Developments for Smart Cities based on connectivity, sensor technologies and data analytics     
  • Multimedia distribution systems