Gradiant attends Biometrics HITech Summit 2018


Biometrics HITech Summit is one of the most relevant events in LATAM specializing in biometrics and users identification technologies

Sao Paulo FECOMERCIO Event Centre (Brazil) host this event, taking place from August 21st to 23rd

Gradiant is attending this week at Biometrics HITech Summit, one of the most important events in LATAM specializing in biometrics and users identification technologies that takes place in Sao Paulo (Brazil) from August 21st to 23rd. FECOMERCIO Event Centre is hosting this exhibition, now in its fourth year, which brings together more than 500 professionals from all over the world who specialise in this type of technology to know first-hand the latest developments in the industry, attend several conferences and explore business opportunities.

In this international context, Gradiant is showing the latest advances in its biometric technology that has already crossed borders and is being applied by companies from different sectors around the world.

Biometric solutions to ensure security

In Gradiant we work on the development of our biometric system linked to three major concepts: safety, comfort and availability. Following this philosophy, we offer the industry our biometric technologies for mobile devices in three complementary ways: face, voice and signature recognition. The three variants can be used separately or in combination, to increase their safety and effectiveness.

In addition Gradiant also offers biometric solutions for digital onboarding and KYC (Know Your Customer) processes. faceIDNN verifies user’s identity by comparing the face with the photograph in his/her ID, driver’s license or passport. Using both images, the verification techniques developed by Gradiant verify in real time if they belong to the same person. Likewise, selfie&sign is a secure and easy-to-use solution for mobile biometric login. This face biometric recognition solution incorporates an advanced mechanism to avoid spoofing based on the simultaneous verification of the user’s handwritten signature.

Our experience in facial recognition has allowed to develop techniques for anti-spoofing attacks, as well as guaranteeing verification even when there are changes of appearance in front of the photograph of the ID card, or the person has aged. Both, faceIDNN and selfie&sign incorporate these technological innovations, especially in dealing with the customer and digital on boarding services.