• Consortium Serviguide Consultoría, Bahía Software, Tecnologías Plexus, Sistemas audivisuales Itelsis, 4 gotas atmósfera y océano
  • Partners USC, Gradiant
  • Funding CONECTA PEME
  • Opening / Ending October 2016 / December 2018

The “CLEAN AIR TECHNOLOGY CHANGE” project’s main challenge is the efficient management of smart cities, their infrastructure and citizen security, through the development of a predictive tool for monitoring, control and reduction of gaseous emissions, including greenhouse (GHG) emissions.

The specific objectives of the project are: 1. Quantification of direct and indirect total emissions 2. Integrated Monitoring of air quality by implementing a subsystem incorporating the continuous air quality parameter information. 3. Intelligent control of emissions and energy consumption, providing “intelligence” to the tool, implementing control algorithms and decision making rules to reconcile energy savings and environmental protection and people. The ability to include telemanagement and on-line acting on their own sources of emission (off, change operating parameters …) through condition monitoring (Ta, humidity …) and occupancy is key for facility and building managers. The system will be able to simulate and automatically propose new scenarios (emissions mitigation or design changes itself and urban use) and analyze environmental and economic implementation. It will incorporate the ability to develop air quality predictions, sending alerts and make recommendations to the population. For mobile sources (fleet) also includes the design and proposal of optimal routes (savings and emissions).