• Title CPTI 'PRIMARE - Inspecciones Inteligentes Avanzadas'
  • Funding CPI
  • Opening / Ending October 2018 / December 2019

The CPTI ‘PRIMARE – Smart Advanced Inspections’ project, co-led by AMTEGA and FOGGA, will improve field controls associated with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) grants. It will result in a system that can perform automated searches supported by advanced technologies (including unmanned aerial systems), increasing the number of controls, their efficiency, and reducing the complexity and cost of their implementation. The Primare global project -Smart Advanced Inspections- consists of 3 independent and integrated solutions: i) ‘automated and intelligent control of agricultural activity associated with the common agricultural policy ( PAC) grants’; ii) “service development and demonstration phase of a management system for georeferenced information in agricultural activity controls in Galicia ‘; iii) ‘service development and demonstration phase of agricultural parcels information processing’.