Gradiant at Cambridge Wireless TEC 2020


The CW Technology & Engineering Conference is one of the main international tech meetings

Member of the National Network of Excellence in 5G and future technologies, the Galician centre will show its advances in the latest generation of mobile networks


Gradiant takes part for the first time the CW Technology & Engineering Conference (CW TEC), a 2 day virtual event organized by Cambridge Wireless, to explore 5G edge concept, reviewing the role of edge computing within the broader 5G architecture evolution. 

2020 edition is taking place on screens from 23 to 24 September, where Gradiant  is speaking on 5G tech innovation during the ‘Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Cloud Native Architectures for 5G’, on Thursday 24th at 10:20 am.

We’ve been working on innovative software technologies for years. In this context, many paradigms such as cloud computing, edge computing and cloud native (microservices, containers…) have rapidly evolved in order to make operations more efficient. In addition, we’ve been working on network technologies; however, we note that the transformation is slower. We’re working on applying software technologies to network technology so that the next revolution could be the definitive one”, explains Antía Fernández, codirector of Intelligent Systems department at Gradiant.


Galicia, leading-edge in 5G technologies innovation

The world has changed, and 2020 has brought us many new things, including a ‘new normal’ where adaptation and new technologies play a more important role than ever. 5G has been conceived to support new applications and services and to offer new business models in industry, healthcare or automotive sectors, but also to have a social and environmental impact in other fields, such as security or energy management. 

With an investment of € 2.3M, and in the frame of the Cervera Program, Gradiant hand in hand with Vicomtech and I2Cat to provide a major boost to the 5G ecosystem in the science – technology field at national level. The National Network of Excellence Open-VERSO will accelerate the development of 5G and beyond technologies along with its industry applications, with the overall goal to transfer the knowledge to leading companies who will be the main actors in the connectivity and digitization revolution that is already on going.

Luis Pérez Roca, director of Advanced Communications department at Gradiant, points out that “Open-VERSO focuses on key challenges for the evolution of mobile networks, developing radio and network technologies that will increase their flexibility and improve their efficiency. At the same time, Open-VERSO seeks complicity with the national industrial fabric to increase its competitiveness and contribute to its internationalization, both by generating technologies and creating an advanced environment for development and experimentation that facilitate companies to create new innovative products and applications of high value for society.”


More information about the event and how to buy your tickets here.