The use of ICT in the classroom: digital textbooks

  Steve Jobs’ official biography (Isaacson, 2011) reveals that in a meeting between him and Barack Obama, the educational situation in the country was approached from a critical point of view. Jobs referred to an “old-fashioned” education system and the great potential for improvement of study materials thanks to new technologies: “All books, learning materials […]

Artificial intelligence, the future of cybersecurity?

When in 1984, William Gibson wrote Neuromancer,  years before world wide web was born, he was not only able to anticipate to hyper connected world using the term “cyberspace”, but he also foresaw cybersecurity associated problems. In the novel, Casi, the antihero and hacker (cyber cowboy in Gibson’s text) is hired to break the security […]

Big Data applied: Spark vs Flink

Big Data es un concepto que en los últimos años se ha relacionado con grandes cantidades de datos, estructurados o no estructurados, que producen los sistemas o las organizaciones. Todo es Big Data y todo se soluciona con Big Data. Pero entonces, ¿qué hacemos los que hacemos Big Data?