• Title Open, Virtualized tEchnology demonstRators for Smart netwOrks
  • Consortium Vicomtech (leader), Gradiant, I2Cat
  • Funding Red de Excelencia Cervera
  • Opening / Ending January 2020 / December 2022

The innovations arising from the ‘Internet of Things’, machine to machine communications, Industry 4.0, virtual reality, etc., will be largely driven by the capacity of the next generation of mobile communications networks (5G and beyond). 5G networks will provide improvements in network architecture, bandwidth and latency essential to make this progress a reality. To support a successful transition, the development and refinement of ‘testbeds’ is key to optimize the full potential of 5G networks.


Unlike previous generations, 5G is not a closed monolithic technology, but made up of a set of tools that work collectively. Artificial intelligence, virtualization of radio access networks, mechanisms of self-management network and software defined networking, as well as the constant updating of standards, are key factors to understand the operation of such networks and provide new use cases. The Open-VERSO concept arises precisely to allow members of the group to be strategically placed in the development of the aspects mentioned above.


Centro de Excelencia Cervera