#WeAreCommitment: SDG17 Revitalising the global partnership for sustainable development

Sustainable development

In a convulsive reality like the current one, after the pandemic and in the midst of a war at the gates of Europe, it is more necessary than ever to keep Sustainable Development Goal 17 very much in mind. At Gradiant we work to achieve the SDGs by providing solutions that facilitate a fairer, more caring, egalitarian and environmentally friendly society. We believe that in order to revitalise the global partnership, technological advances related to the connectivity of all territories are essential. However, an example of the road ahead can be found in an important fact: more than 4 billion people do not use the Internet, and 90 percent of them live in developing countries.

Territorial connectivity

Given this situation, it is essential to work towards territorial connectivity and social and global participation in all technological advances. This will help to ensure that improvements in the quality of life of citizens, security and advances in e-health based on the Internet of Things (IoT) reach everyone equally. This is why one of the specific goals of this SDG is to achieve greater cooperation and transfer of knowledge and technologies from the most advanced countries to developing countries. To this end, the UN envisages the implementation of a technology bank.

The institution also points to the creation of various mechanisms to support innovative initiatives in the field of science and technology for the least developed countries. Thus, the organisation hopes to increase the use of enabling technologies, in particular information and communications technology.

In this sense, Gradiant is working on various solutions that facilitate secure and stable access in different circumstances, also in territories where connectivity depends on less developed and stable infrastructures.

Transferring knowledge

Since its foundation, Gradiant is committed to “contribute to the innovative dynamism, growth and competitive improvement of the Galician business network through technological development and innovation in the use of ICT”. We research and design solutions with the aim of transferring this knowledge and technologies to the industry in order to favour its sustainable development and the safety of both the production process and its customers. In Gradiant we believe in the culture of collaboration and we promote synergies between different organizations.  As a result of this work, collaboration programmes and projects such as Congals4.0, Tegra and Facendo4.0, among others, have emerged.

Gradiant and its social commitment

In addition, in Gradiant we understand technology as a source of progress, that’s why we organize different activities every year to bring our work to the next generations of technologists and to society in general. Through STEAM TALENT we support young talent. This programme is aimed at students in the final years of their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Thanks to this initiative, young people take their first steps in a professional environment accompanied by part of our team.

On the other hand, Gradiant organizes an annual DEMOWEEK. This is how we bring our projects, the advances and trends we are working on to the professional public, students and institutions.

We also believe that the future of the technology sector must be egalitarian. That is why we participate in initiatives such as INSPIRA STEAM, a programme that starts from universities, including the University of Vigo. A Gradiant team mentors girls between 10 and 12 years old in schools to awaken in them the vocation for technological careers and avoid losing talent. In this sense, we also collaborate with the EduTecEmprende programme that tries to motivate teenagers and young people in 4th grade, high school and training cycles to be interested in the technological field for their professional future.