Third edition of the DemoWeek of Gradiant to show the latest advances in connectivity, intelligence and security


Gradiant, Research and Technology Organization open the doors of its new headquarters to companies and professionals to share the latest technological developments made in Galicia

The conference will pay special attention to unmanned aerial systems and Smart Industry

The development of technologies focused on connectivity, intelligence and security will focus on the five days of Gradiant DemoWeek event to be held next October. These days, the Research and Technology Organization (RTO) will share with professionals and companies the latest advances carried out by the different areas of work of Gradiant. It will do it together with its partners in different consortiums and national and Research and Technology Centres (RTCs). This Gradiant DemoWeek continues the path that the organisation started in 2019. The event has become an essential event to learn about new trends in the field of research and development of technologies. 

As in previous editions of DemoWeek, Gradiant will dedicate one of the days to connectivity. That day, 5G networks will be the protagonists of the panels and demonstrations. In Artificial Intelligence, Gradiant is positioned as one of the key European Research and Technology Centres (RTCs) for the use of this technology in industry and healthcare. Security is one of the areas of research and technological development led by the RTO Gradiant from Galicia.

Likewise, professionals of the sector will also participate in the event as speakers or collaborators in the different panels and round tables. Some of these experts in the fields of security, intelligence and connectivity work for other RTC’s that are partners of the consortia with which Gradiant researches and develops the various technological solutions.

Gradiant is always at the forefront of advances in connectivity, intelligence and security. In this third edition, Gradiant adds two more areas to which it will dedicate these open days. These areas are transversal to those mentioned: Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Smart Industry. 


The path of technological innovation

With DemoWeek 2022, Gradiant consolidates the open days that have been held since 2019 and have proved to be very well received. Last year’s event, which was organised virtually (due to the health situation), was attended by almost 200 people. Professionals and company managers from different economic sectors in Galicia have the opportunity to learn about the results of the latest technological advances and solutions that are being developed within the autonomous community. They can also learn from their developers about the latest projects and solutions they are working on. There are also plans to organise B2B meetings for those interested. 

Throughout its 14 years of existence, Gradiant has become a benchmark in the national R&D&I system. With a staff of more than 130 professionals and revenues of 6 million euros in 2021, the company leads from Galicia the conception and development of technological applications in collaboration with public and private institutions in more than 30 countries. Since its foundation, it has carried out more than 340 projects for 370 clients, 8

The Gradiant DemoWeek is the annual meeting in Galicia for those professionals who want to discover which technologies on which companies and entities will rely to face present and future challenges.