Gradiant returns to RSA Conference with solutions focused on HSMs


Gradiant travels once again to the USA for the annual RSA Conference, to be held from June 6th to 9th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco (California). This is the most important professional meeting specialised in ICT security in the world and some events have had more than 45,000 attendees: the ideal place to find out what the future trends in cybersecurity are. In this event, our cybersecurity team will showcase three new solutions focused on Hardware Security Module (HSM).

HSMs are used by many companies in the financial sector and other multi-sector companies with secure key management needs. In Gradiant we are working on three different technologies that respond to some of the current shortcomings of these systems:


IDhub by Gradiant

IDhub by Gradiant is a system that unifies digital certificates in HSMs hosted in the cloud. In this way, it keeps customers’ digital certificates secure in the cloud and they can be used whenever and wherever the company needs them. 

Our tool also has other advantages: it is capable of managing large volumes of digital certificates; it establishes access control (ACLs) that monitor who, when and where users with a given certificate can access. In addition, it monitors the access and use of certificates.


SafeGate by Gradiant 

This is a tailor-made solution for financial HSMs. SafeGate by Gradiant responds to a growing need for these companies: SafeGate by Gradiant integrates and manages cryptographic hardware (HSMs) with financial applications and services, solving the complexity related to the use and management of HSMs, and facilitating the integration of financial products. This sector, like others, must be prepared to assimilate the dynamism of new digital services. Therefore, SafeGate solves the complexity related to the integration and migration of HSMs from different vendors with a simple operation: applications connect to SafeGate by Gradiant through one of the supported APIs and distributes cryptographic requests across all available HSMs, regardless of the HSM vendor.


KeyConnect by Gradiant 

This solution allows applications using standardised cryptographic interfaces to transparently use cryptographic keys stored in cloud services such as Azure Key Vault. It also provides significant cost savings by eliminating the need to provision, configure, patch and maintain HSMs and key management software. KeyConnect by Gradiant is a cryptographic platform aimed at multi-industry enterprises with secure key management needs on HSM devices.