Gradiant takes part in RSA Conference 2018


RSA Conference is one of the most important ICT security conference series around the world

San Francisco host this event, taking place from April 16th to 20th

For the first time, Gradiant participates in the RSA Conference, one of the most important series of conferences on ICT security in the world, aimed at the transfer of knowledge among the community of professionals in the sector. The event will take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco (USA) on 16 to 20 April and will showcase new approaches to information security and discover the latest technological solutions in cybersecurity.

Gradiant, leading ICT security innovation

In the last few years, Gradiant has been committed to security as the core of its strategy for the development of ICT technology, developing secure solutions and applying the principles of security & privacy by design.

Encrypted domain data processing, which allows for analysis while preserving user privacy and identity, ensures the secure processing of sensitive data. Or solutions based on homomorphic encryption and hardware security modules (HSMs), which allow operations in the cloud with encrypted data, such as BlackICE Connect.

Gradiant develops biometric technologies based on facial, signature or voice recognition and works on technologies embedded in drones and UAVs to avoid the spoofing (hacking) of GPS signals that guide autonomous or remotely manned vehicles, for example. In addition, the intelligent video processing and analysis developed by Gradiant makes it possible to automate and simplify monitoring and surveillance in complex environments (for example, video surveillance or video captured in real time by drones or UAVs).