Gradiant face recognition technology premieres in the MWC


The Centre shows its innovations in the 4YFN startup business platform

Gradiant tests its facial recognition innovations on 3D cameras

Gradiant’s innovation in facial recognition and signature technologies lands for the first time to 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the startup business platform of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, an international fair part of the Mobile World Congress. During the fair, Gradiant team have presented a life detection system based on the combination of 2D and 3D images, merging information from the RGB camera and a ToF camera. Apple is already integrating the combination of camera depth sensors like these into devices like the iPhoneX, and other smartphone manufacturers could use them in the future. The adaptation and development of biometric recognition technologies by the technology centre for this kind of sensors is a pioneer in the world and, with the rest of liveness detection mechanisms that Gradiant’ biometric solutions include, mark the beginning of a new paradigm: the identification of people through facial recognition even more securely.

This innovation arrives at Barcelona with other biometric solutions from Gradiant, which comes hand in hand with ICEX and, like face recognition technology (faceIDNN), secure signature (selfie&sign) and dynamic signature verification (Gradiant Signer). Companies and entities in sectors such as banking, commerce, industry, health or telecommunications currently use the applications of biometric recognition of the technology centre.

For Luis Pérez Freire, CEO of Gradiant, “the success of our biometric technologies is the reward for a well done job over the last ten years. Biometrics was one of the first bets of the centre and today we can see how our innovations allow large and small companies to go a step further”.

faceIDNN allows the verification of the user’s identity by contrasting their image with the photograph of their ID, driver’s license or passport, from the mobile or the computer in real time. On the other hand, selfie&sign allows verifying the identity of the person when contrasting their image and signature. Gradiant’ experience in facial recognition has allowed to develop techniques for anti-spoofing attacks, as well as guaranteeing verification even when there are changes of appearance in front of the photograph of the ID card, or the person has aged.

Proven proof of a person’s identity becomes fundamental when it comes to in deal with the customer and digital on boarding services.

Internationally recognized innovation

Gradiant professionals develop reference biometric technologies worldwide. The technology centre team recently obtained the highest score in the international competition of the ‘International Joint Conference on Biometrics’, held in Denver (United States) last year and in which 13 centres and companies from around the world participated.