Gradiant takes part in CES 2018

The ‘Consumer Electronics Show (CES)’ is the most important international trade fair for consumer technology

Gradiant will have a space in the Eureka ParkTM, the marketplace to showcase the most innovative technological solutions


Gradiant takes part for the first time in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the international fair with the greatest impact for the telecommunications sector and the consumer technologies industry.

From 9 to 12 January, Las Vegas hosts this annual event that has become the most important global appointment to present the latest innovations in the technology market, with almost 4000 exhibitors (manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware) , content, technology delivery systems), a conference program with more than 300 sessions; and more than 170 thousand attendees from 150 countries. The CES is grouped into several Marketplaces that function as exhibition areas for new markets of technology, products, services and promising companies, from videogames and robotics, to smart houses and 3D printing.

Gradiant has its own space within the Eureka ParkTM (Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G, booth 51279), a specific area within the CES that will bring together the 800 most promising companies, centers and startups of the year that can provide the solutions innovative technologies. Hand in hand with the ICEX, Gradiant will present in Las Vegas its biometric solutions oriented to digital onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.

The keys: security and comfort

The world has changed, and we live in an increasingly digital environment in which customers do not have to be physically present to buy a book, open a bank account or take out insurance on their vehicle. Therefore, secure biometric recognition systems will be essential in the safe implementation of systems such as digital onboarding or KYC processes.

Verification of a user’s identity remotely and securely has become a necessity for companies with outstanding digital businesses. This fact forces to develop advanced easy-to-use trustworthy solutions.

At Gradiant we believe that the key to success in the development of a biometric system is linked to three major concepts: safety, comfort and availability, so we integrate these principles into all our developments.

faceIDNN allows the verification of the user’s identity by contrasting their image with the photograph of their ID, driver’s license or passport, from the mobile or the computer in real time. On the other hand, selfie&sign is a safe and very easy to use solution for the mobile biometric session initiation.

Gradiant’s experience in facial recognition has allowed to develop techniques for anti-spoofing attacks, as well as guaranteeing verification even when there are changes of appearance in front of the photograph of the ID card, or the person has aged. Both faceIDNN and selfie&sign incorporate these technological innovations, especially in dealing with the customer and digital onboarding services.

Biometrics, the new paradigm

Since last year, entities can identify their clients in a non-face-to-face manner, as contemplated by the regulation of the SEPBLAC (Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Infractions).

The digital transformation is here to stay and has forced companies to adapt to new business models, reinventing the way they relate to their customers and opening the door to the incorporation of new services, such as digital onboarding, for the remote opening of financial products and services, through the identification and registration of customers using biometric technologies; or Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, focused on the entities knowing the profile of the client to detect if this corresponds to the financial activities carried out.