• Title The WAY to Integration of Autonomous Aircraft in a Shared SKY
  • Consortium Boeing Research & Technology Europe - BRTE (lead) Televés, Centum RT, Gradiant, Soticol, Enaire, Inta
  • Funding Civil UAV Iniciative, Fase II (RFP-B)
  • Opening / Ending April 2019 / June 2020

SKYWAY I+D programme’s goal is the design, prototyping, and testing in representative scenarios of a set of advanced technological solutions for the most relevant operational contingencies of UAV in shared airspaces. SKYWAY will contribute to accelerate the routinisation of drone operations, proving that satisfactory levels of operational security can be achieved at a reasonable cost, thanks to the coordination of aerial traffic systems and technologies on-board the UAV and on the ground control station, in a holistic approach and considering the context and operational implications associated to each contingency.

Within this programme, Gradiant has been subcontracted for the development of solutions for management of Loss of Separation and Loss of GPS contingencies. In particular, Gradiant will develop an on-board vision system for detection of surrounding aircraft that can represent a potential obstacle, as well as a data fusion system for integration of detections from this and other air traffic sensors.