Gradiant attends two international workshops about cognitive radio

In Gradiant, Communications Area has enhanced its research focused on cognitive radio by participating in two international workshops during this October.The 2nd International Workshop of COST Action IC0902 about “Cognitive Radio and Networking for Cooperative Coexistence of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks” was held in Castelldefels, Spain, on the 6th and 7th October. The goal of the Workshop was to favor the exchange of new ideas on the topics of cognitive radio and networks, as well as to broaden participation to the IC0902 Action research activities.

On such event, Elena García Couto, researcher at Gradiant, participated in the Working Group 4 by sharing a paper about the definition of mechanisms for intersystem coexistence and cooperation (topic in charge of this group). The paper presented, “CLAROS: A Geo-location database for white spaces in the UHF band”, has been also written by Carlos Mosquera, Research Director of Gradiant´s Communications Area, together with Rubén Nocelo and Verónica Santalla, researcher and Professor, respectively, from Vigo University.

On other hand, and also related to cognitive radio, Gradiant will attend the 4th edition of CogART (Conference on Cognitive Radio and Advanced Spectrum Management) which will be hold in Barcelona between 25th and 29th October. In this case, the paper which is been presented is “CORAGE: an OFDMA-based Cognitive Radio System in Emergency Scenarios” written by Elena García Couto and Carlos Mosquera together with Manuel Cañete (Abertis Telecom), Celia Del Castillo and José Antonio Fernández-Luque (Alcatel-Lucent), Carlos Herranz and Vicente Osa (UPV), and Leandro Juan-Llácer and José María Molina-García-Pardo (UPCT). This article shows the results of an analysis performance of IMS service delivery over a Cognitive Radio Network, called the CORAGE system, based on the LTE standard.

By attending to these events, GRADIANT has released its research results about cognitive radio and white spaces as part of its international diffusion work.