ITBox, Gradiant technology for IT infrastructures



¿What is ITBox?

ITBox It’s an operative system distribution with Gradiant management tools with plug-and-play integration of openstack, docker and cloudify.

ITBox Allows deployment and manage the full life cicle of your applications and services without infrastructure hassles, allowing you to focus on apps.

ITBox optimizes IT resources of SMEs and other companies using IT infrastructures.

ITBox can create a private cloud unattendedly, and can also connect it with Cloud public services (such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.) in a transparent manner.

ITBox also makes it extremely easy to manage these applications and services throughout their life cycle. Optimizes resources without hiring skilled IT personnel.

ITBox limits the costs involved to human errors

ITBox is compatible with any hardware

ITBox is horizontally and vertically scalable: connects to the network and increases the computational and storage resources automatically.

ITBox makes the IT infrastructure invisible, so the administrator can forget about its problems and focus on the services and applications deployed.

ITBox also emphasizes security: all data is encrypted and backups are completely customizable for each service.


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