Gradiant and UVigo join forces in 5G research to transfer results to the market

  • The agreement facilitates increased scientific and technological cooperation between the two institutions

  • This agreement will help to boost the Galician economy

Gradiant and the University of Vigo, represented in this case through the Information Technologies Group AtlanTTic, two of the most relevant actors of 5G technologies in Galicia, have signed this Thursday a collaboration agreement. The aim is to add capabilities and increase the transfer of research results and projects to the industrial fabric. “We have always talked and collaborated, but now we put in writing that we have an agreement to work together to achieve more things, bring more powerful projects and, ultimately, to achieve a greater transfer to the industry of the results of our research,” said Luis Pérez Freire, CEO of Gradiant. He also stressed the joint need to “help to boost the Galician economy”.

This agreement enables a significant increase in scientific cooperation and technological cooperation between both institutions, “especially in such a strategic line for the country as the 5G advanced technologies”, according to the rector Manuel Reigosa, in charge of signing the agreement with the general manager of Gradiant.

The signing ceremony took place at the University headquarters and was attended by Luis Pérez Freire, director of Gradiant and the rector Manuel Reigosa.

Thanks to this agreement, both Galician institutions join forces: “It is clear to us that we are going to share human and infrastructural capacities and, of course, we are always called to understand each other”, said the rector, who also emphasized that “at a national level, the 5G is going to play a very important role, especially considering the geographical dispersion of Galicia”. In this sense, the 5G laboratory of Gradiant and the laboratory of the University of Vigo -which has an agreement with AMTEGA and RETEGAL- are national references in this field.

Transfer of results to the industry

Aligned with the foundational objectives of Gradiant, this agreement of the technological centre with the University of Vigo establishes in its clauses that the main purpose is the transfer of results to the industry. With this collaboration, both entities intend to promote and facilitate the arrival of research to the market. The way to achieve this will be through the joint development of technologies, demonstrators and proofs of concept, together with other activities that, in general, facilitate the connection of researchers with industry and the practical application of their results.

Among the multiple activities to be developed within the framework of this agreement is the proposal and joint development of R&D&I projects aimed at scientific-technical progress in the field of 5G technologies and the transfer of results to the industrial sector. These projects will be developed exclusively between the two institutions or jointly with other entities. In addition, this collaboration agreement also reflects the proposal and joint execution of academic work, including doctoral theses. In the specific case of doctoral theses, both parties expressed their interest in jointly defining lines of research of common interest that could give rise to studies of this type which, where appropriate, would be co-directed by a senior researcher from each party.

Direct interaction with relevant industrial actors

Since the main objective of the agreement is the transfer of results to the industry, both Pérez Freire and Reigosa have shown their interest in defining and participating together in direct interaction actions with the relevant industrial agents. In this sense, Gradiant has a wide experience in projects with the collaboration and participation of important business actors in Galicia.

This alliance between Gradiant and the University of Vigo also reflects the will of both parties in the transfer of results also to other potentially interested agents such as public administrations and associations, among others. This will facilitate access to technology demonstrators and proofs of concept, visits to companies or joint presentation of projects.

Roadmap in charge of a monitoring committee of Gradiant and the University of Vigo

The document signed by Gradiant and the University of Vigo also contemplates the possibility of sharing infrastructures and equipments, with an annex already established in the agreement specifying the main equipments that each party has. Likewise, a joint monitoring commission is also constituted, which will be in charge of defining the roadmap to follow. On the Gradiant side, the General Director of Gradiant, Luis Pérez Freire and the manager, Fernando Jiménez, will be part of the monitoring commission, while in the case of the University of Vigo, Felipe Gil and Francisco Javier González Castaño will be the representatives in the commission. “We have been collaborating for a long time, but formalising the agreement always helps to speed things up”, said Professor Felipe Gil, representing the 5G Laboratory of the University of Vigo, after the signing.