Gradiant real-time technology to avoid anti-spoofing attacks


This project, among the largest investments of the Ignicia programme, will have the first prototype ready in 2018

These solutions will make our purchases and online transactions safer

Gradiant technology for verifying the identity of a person matching their face with the ID or passport photo on the mobile phone or on the computer, is a bit closer to the market. The Centre has received one of the highest investments within the Ignicia programme -run by Galician Regional Government- for Gradiant Face IDNN project, which will make possible to take this solution to any sector that provides online services, such as baking, insurance companies or electronic commerce. The project, developed by Gradiant Biometrics team, will have the first prototype by mid-2018 and is already looking for partners to bring this technology to the market.

“People ID is done through the smartphone or the computer camera, and sending a photograph of your ID card or passport. From these two images, the verification techniques we have developed authenticate in real time that the person in the picture is the same person in the document”, explains Daniel González, director of Multimodal Information at Gradiant.

Innovation close to the market

Gradiant’s extensive experience in facial recognition has allowed to develop techniques to avoid anti-spoofing attacks, as well as guaranteeing verification even when there are changes of appearance in front of the photograph of the ID card, or the person has aged. These technological innovations has crucial importance, especially in dealing with the client and digital on boarding services.

Gradiant’ biometrics and multibiometrics provide robust solutions for client authentication and validation. “Biometric technologies are relatively new in their application to the consumer market and our daily lives, and there are still improvements to be made. Undeniably, biometrics have now come to stay and have great usability and security advantages“, explains Esteban Vázquez, Head of Biometrics at Gradiant.

The market entry of this Gradiant innovation is planned in two phases. On the one hand, the development of the product’s business model and the search for partners to make it possible; and on the other, the technical validation and optimization of the technology in real-life scenarios. The application of secure identity verification technologies revolutionizes the relationship between customers and online service providers by guaranteeing access to and access to services with a high degree of confidentiality at a distance and in a secure manner.







This project has been co-funded by Xunta de Galicia (Galician Regional Government) by Ignicia Programme (IN8555A IGNICIA Proba de Concepto)