Gradiant, once again at IoT Week 2017

IoT Week 2017 is the most important international event in emerging technologies and solutions related to the Internet of Things with pioneering research projects, SMEs and industry. The recent evolution of the IOT standardization scenario will also be analyzed. The purpose of this international forum is to connect the research and innovative community of the Internet of Things with the business sector.

More than 400 representatives from industry, universities and technology and research centers will meet in Geneva this week to discuss emerging new opportunities and promote cooperation on issues of strategic importance such as social and market challenges IoT faces to.

This year, IoT week will organize sessions dedicated to IoT’s security and privacy, analyzing and examining emerging technologies and challenges, including adaptation to the new European Data Protection Regulation. IoT Week will discuss emerging trends in the IoT market, including industry 4.0, finance, investment strategies and business models.

Gradiant, a leading ITC technology center on IoT and a founding member of the Alliance for Internet of Things (AIOTI), will be present once again at IoT International Week.