Gradiant, invited to Horizon 2020 InfoWeek


The event, focused on societal challenge 2, will deal with issues related to food, agriculture, blue growth and bioeconomy

The Technology Center leads AIOTI’s WG6, focused on IoT applied to Smart Farming & Food Security


Gradiant takes part in Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2 InfoWeek event on November 17th, organized by the Research Executive Agency (REA), DG for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) and the DG for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) of the European Commission, where the latest evolutions in European policies related to the activities of the Societal Challenge 2 and how it relates to the activities under the Horizon 2020 will be presented.

Brussels hosts this event which will show how these initiatives can provide opportunities for agriculture, food value chains, on land and at sea, and for society in general; connecting digital policy with investment opportunities under the Horizon 2020 Work programme 2018-2020.

Marcos Álvarez-Díaz, Head of EU Programmes at Gradiant, will speak about the potential of digital platforms for the agriculture sector during the session Digitising agriculture and food value chains, focused on showing how European initiatives can bring opportunities for agriculture, food value chains – on land and at sea – and society at large.

This way, Gradiant reaffirms its commitment to AIOTI and innovation for the Internet of Things and the European Primary Sector, aware of the importance it has both in Galicia and in Spain. Gradiant, promotes from Europe the creation of a solid ecosystem around innovation and technological adaptation for IoT in the Primary Sector.


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Friday, November 17th from 11h to 12h (CET)