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Chema Alonso (Chief Data Officer of Telefónica and founder of ElevenPaths, Telefónicas cybersecurity division) has just announced during Security Innovation Day 2016 event Telefónica held in Madrid, the purchase of our solution for document security, SHADOW .

The acquisition is one of the first derivatives of the recent agreement signed between Gradiant and ElevenPaths, the cybersecurity division of Telefonica worldwide. Both parties also stated that this acquisition is only the first step in what they hope will be a long history of mutual successes.

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What is SHADOW?

More than half of the companies worldwide (5

The strongest chain always break at the weakest link. And in documents security, that weak link is -very often- equal to the human factor.

The leaks of confidential documents, depending on their origin, leads to sensationalist or damaging public disclosures for companies victims of such leaks. In other cases, such information although not made public, ends up getting to competitors, or even worse, criminals.

The damages caused by leaks of documents are very visible, and almost always very serious. They can be financial, reputational or in competitiveness.


SHADOW is an automated tool that allows the traceability of documents by using techniques of digital watermarking. Shadow provides evidences in the event that confidential information leaks happen, helping to identify those responsible for the infringements. Converts each copy of a document through the insertion of invisible water marks. In this way, SHADOW ensures that each copy is unique and at the same time, virtually identical to the original document. This watermark -hidden information that identifies the owner or the recipient of the document- is resistant to distortions, such as those produced in the printing process or the scanning of documents.

It works as a deterrent against information leaks: it is perfect for hiding information on the origin and destination of confidential documents in order to identify those responsible if a leak occurs, once the documents are outside the trusted area for which they were created.

It also provides automatic classification of scanned documents: adding information about the contents of the documents, SHADOW can perform automatic classification.

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In addition, SHADOW is resistant to distortions, printing and scanning, and is able to recover all the hidden information even from incomplete, broken, wrinkled or stained documents.


 SHADOW family

SHADOW FILES: web platform that allows secure sharing fo documents. The platform allows sending documents to recipients previously registered in the system. Each recipient receives a single copy of the document containing hidden information that links the copy to the intended recipient.

SHADOW PRINT: Virtual Print Driver for Windows that allows automatic watermarking as soon as a document is sent to any printer. The printed document includes hidden information about the user account from which it is printed.

SHADOW READER: Tool for extracting information from the document’s watermark.

 SHADOW MOBILE: Mobile application for extracting information from the document’s watermark.(available for iOS and Android).

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