Gradiant displays security and cybersecurity technologies at RSA Conference


BlackICE connect allows use of certificate safe kept in the cloud for PKCS#11 supporting applications

San Francisco becomes worldwide cybersecurity capital from April 16-20

For the first time, Gradiant takes part at RSA Conference 2018, the most important event in security and cybersecurity topics. Companies and experts from all over the world are gathering together from April 16th to 20th at Moscone Center in San Francisco where, hand in hand with ICEX, Gradiant is showcasing technology innovation on security and cybersecurity for e-governments, eHealth processes or secure user authentication for banking or insurance services.

Located at Pavillion of Spain (booth 2125 at South Hall), Gradiant displays in San Francisco BlackICE connect possibilities, a connector based on PKCS#11 standard that allows the use of certificates safe kept in the cloud, based on HSMs, with a high degree of security, scalability and performance. During the fair, Gradiant is also highlighting their own biometric authentication solutions for digital on boarding and KYC processes with mobile devices.

BlackICE connect, certificate safekeeping in the cloud

Based on PKCS#11 standard, BlackICE connect by Gradiant includes a library to use cryptographic certificates in the cloud, offering companies the possibility to electronically sign documents in applications and to securely safeguard digital certificates in high security cloud storage.

The great advantage for companies of Gradiant’ solution is the savings as, instead of having to acquire and maintain HSMs, it is only necessary to pay for the use that is made of the service.

This solution was presented on Security Innovation Day 2017, an innovative cybersecurity event organized by ElevenPaths, BlackICE connect is already integrated as a service with Azure Key Vault as cryptographic provider in SealSign.

Biometric solutions for banking, security and health sectors

In addition to BlackICE connect, during RSA Conference Gradiant is showing the latest biometric solutions. Face, Signature and Voice Biometric authenticators for digital on boarding and KYC processes with mobile devices.

Gradiant Signer, specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy Note, allows accessing and securely signing any document anywhere. The user is authenticated via Samsung Pass to get access to a confidential document and sign it with S-Pen anywhere and anytime in a secure and reliable way, since user’s signature is verified through Gradiant’ DSV technology.

faceIDNN verifies user’s identity by comparing the face with the photograph in his/her ID, driver’s license or passport. Using both images, the verification techniques developed by Gradiant verify in real time if they belong to the same person.

Likewise, selfie&sign is a secure and easy-to-use solution for mobile biometric login. This face biometric recognition solution incorporates an advanced mechanism to avoid spoofing based on the simultaneous verification of the user’s handwritten signature.

Gradiant’ experience in facial recognition has allowed developing techniques for anti-spoofing attacks, as well as guaranteeing verification even when there are changes of appearance in front of the photograph of the ID card, or the person has aged. Both, faceIDNN and selfie&sign incorporate these technological innovations, especially in dealing with the customer and digital on boarding services.