Gradiant returns to Unvex 22 with technology that integrates into autonomous flight drones 

Sense Uav estará en Unvex 22

Gradiant returns to the new edition of Unvex to show the latest advances in technologies that ensure the safety of drones with autonomous flight and that are integrated into UAVs. A team from Gradiant and SENSE AERONAUTICS will attend this congress, the most important in the field of RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) in Spain, to show our latest advances in drone safety systems. The event that will be held in Seville from 14th to 16th September, proposes this year a global vision of unmanned vehicles. The organisation considers that there are many technologies that converge in the RPAS or Drones as well as many opportunities to create a stable demand.

Our Sense UAV project is an airspace surveillance system for unmanned aerial vehicles. This technology allows any operation to be performed beyond the pilot’s line of sight and thus avoids collisions. In this way, this solution makes it possible to ensure air safety. The development of the Sense UAV project has been supported by the Ignicia Programme of the Galician Innovation Agency of the Xunta de Galicia (GAIN).


SENSE AERONAUTICS has advanced capabilities to avoid and detect traffic and obstacles around the aircraft within a radius of 1 km. In addition, it provides real-time, comprehensible, visual situational awareness. This surveillance system can be integrated with aircraft flight control and can incorporate third-party sensors for extended collaborative and non-collaborative support in BVLOS missions.

The technology on which SENSE AERONAUTICS is based was recognised in 2020 by the Drone-vs-Bird Detection Challenge for its high and accurate capabilities to detect and identify drones and other objects in airspace.  With a compact size and a weight of less than 500 grams, including camera and processing module, SENSE AERONAUTICS enables deployment on aircraft of any size. 


The development achieved by Gradiant in this technological solution will be shown at the Unvex 2022 event, which starts next September 14th.

Also, a team of experts in this technology will demonstrate how our solution works during the event. SENSE AERONAUTICS will also have its own stand at what is considered the most important drone event in Spain. 

Unvex celebrates its 7th anniversary this year. In the last one, it managed to gather more than 1,400 professionals between the three days in person and more than 3,500 accesses to the streaming.