Gradiant hosts a training course about Marketing and Commercialization of IP thanks to the support of LIFTGATE

LIFTGATE (Lifting Up the Research Potential of the Galician Telecomms Center) is a project supported by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission through its Capacities-RegPot Programme. LIFTGATE aims at increasing the competitiveness of Gradiant as a excellent research center able to succeed in the European Research Areas.

Gradiant headquarters in Vigo hosted an intense training day in marketing and commercialization of intellectual property.

Teachers were Angela Zennaro, Competence coach of technology transfer at KIMbcn; Carmen Casteras, IP manager at KIMbcn; and Jordi Ilario , Director of Licensing & Marketing at Fractus. This training action is in line with the spirit of Gradiant, which aims to transfer knowledge to companies in a professional and excellent way.

During the eight-hour course, the nearly fifty attendees were informed about the basic concepts of generation, management and commercialization of IP.

Generating economic profit from R+D was one of the highligths. Also different models of intellectual property protection (according to each business model) were among the contents of the course.

Gradiant researchers used case studies to learn about know-how and patent licensing, and analyzed different models of negotiations regarding technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual property.

During the talks there was also time to carefully analyze different marketing strategies for technology and R+D. Spin Offs and other formulas, such as joint ventures or co-developments were also among the contents of the course.