Gradiant attends NetFutures 2015


  • Gradiant seizes a unique opportunity for networking at high European levels.
  • “We are very pleased with the experience we have had in NetFutures 2020”, said David Vázquez Cortizo, Gradiant’s Executive Manager
March 27th, 2015 | Gradiant
Organized and managed by the European Commission, NetFutures 2015 is an event of reference for the European ICT sector.
During two days between March 25th and 26th, NetFutures has joined together in Brussels the major agents of innovation in Europe: entrepreneurs, investors, companies and specialists.
Gradiant attended the event, especially following all the activities related to the FIWARE universe (an European project in which Gradiant participates) and IoT (Internet of Things), one of Gradiant’s major technological bets.
Precisely regarding IoT, NetFutures 2015 has witnessed the launch of the Alliance for Innovation in the Internet of Things (AIOTI), an initiative called to accelerate growth and adoption of these technologies.

The event is held to maximize the competitiveness of the European technology industry. The two days of activities aimed to shape a community that connected businesses, organizations and experts in R+D, in market validation, in business development and business strategy, and in public policies. For this two days, NetFutures was a bridge that narrowed the gap between these agents, which seeked to facilitate the innovations arrival to markets.


NetFutures 2015 exposed the different strategies that are being held to make the European Union an ecosystem in which all parties involved in the process of innovation in ICT are connected.


The event was structured around the three stages in the life cycle of an idea: research and innovation, technology validation and final delivery to the market.


The Conference brought together more than 700 assistants in research, innovation, business development and innovation policies, with the objective of maximizing the competitiveness of the European technology industry.


It was opened by the Commissioner for the Digital Society and Economy, Günther Oettinger, and hosted lectures, round tables and activities for networking around issues such as Internet, Cloud technologies, Smart Cities and digital entrepeneurship.