Augmented Reality: New horizons for the press

Adrián Teijeiro

Nowadays the press is experiencing one of their worst moments. Their incomes have been reduced dramatically in recent years, largely because traditional media is no longer attractive enough to advertisers, which stand as the primary source of income of the press.

This lack of interest by advertisers is related to the digitalization of all kinds of content and it has brought down the sales of printed editions. All of this has reduced the potential market for these campaigns, since… who has not ever watched news on the computer or on a mobile device? Moreover, in the web there is also additional content which is not available in paper versions. Another weakness of the traditional press is that printed advertising campaigns are not as attractive as those found on the web or even on television.
In spite of that, the press is still present every day. From Gradiant, we propose a solution to increase the possibilities of the press, adding digital content to printed publications through augmented reality. This technology will bring the press to a new level, thus providing the possibility of including a direct sales channel, communication with social networks and visualization of photographic galleries, videos or 3D objects on paper.
Advertising spaces will also rise their value, because now the campaign complexity will only be limited by the imagination of the advertisers and not by the space available in the printed resources.
The creation of augmented reality advertising spaces is a quick and simple process, where no technical knowledge is needed, all thanks to Gradiant AR Builder.