Video analytics for UAS: challenges & applications

Electro Optical (EO) sensors have been core payloads for aerial systems for years. Current sensor technology offers mature products not only in the visible (VIS) and near infrared (NIR) bands of the optical spectrum, but also in others such as long wave, medium wave and short wave infrared (LWIR, MWIR, SWIR). Moreover, advances in the […]

21st Century Women Technologists: Sara Cela

This time, we introduce you to our colleague Sara. On the point of finishing her studies in Telecommunications Technology Engineering degree, this woman from Lugo is doing her professional internship in Multimodal Information area at Gradiant. In addition to technology, Sara has aptitude for music – she plays piano since she was five – she […]

21st Century Women Technologists: Nuria Hervella

Today we introduce you to our colleague Nuria. Superior technician in Telecommunications and Computers, this woman from Barcelona settled in Galicia since ten years ago is doing her internship at Services and Applications area at Gradiant. Although he loves computers, it’s not all about programming on her computer, so he spends her free time reading […]

Security and UAS: a problem to be solved

  A Remotely Piloted Aircraft or RPA is, in general, an aircraft able to fly autonomously. The aircraft is controlled by a pilot on land or by an on board computer. The fact the pilot is not on the aircraft compel us to make available another different technical mechanisms to supply that need, such as […]

21st Century Women Technologists: Alicia Jiménez

This time we introduce you our colleague Alicia. This woman from Extremadura settled in Vigo is a Telecommunication Engineer and Master Degree in European Proposal Preparation and now she’s part of EU Programmes team at Gradiant. In her work day by day, she prepares and follows up on different European research projects, while in her […]

Big Data applied: Spark vs Flink

Big Data es un concepto que en los últimos años se ha relacionado con grandes cantidades de datos, estructurados o no estructurados, que producen los sistemas o las organizaciones. Todo es Big Data y todo se soluciona con Big Data. Pero entonces, ¿qué hacemos los que hacemos Big Data?