Facendo 4.0: 157 new actions and 22.3 million euros invested in R&D

Facendo 4.0 (Industrial Competitiveness and Electromobility through Innovation and Digital Transformation) is an R&D project focused on industrial research and experimental development.

10 patents have been registered so far in the three years of project execution (31 months)

Gradiant participated in the closing event of the Facendo 4.0 project (Industrial Competitiveness and Electromobility through Innovation and Digital Transformation), led by Stellantis Vigo, and in which CTAG, Aimen and the University of Vigo have also participated. The project has culminated its development after 31 months of execution.

With the intervention of 400 technicians and researchers from different fields, 157 actions in the technological areas of the Factory of the Future, Vehicle of the Future, and Connectivity and Information Technologies have been executed or started. 22.3 million euros have been invested, the total amount contemplated in the program. Facendo 4.0 is an R&D project focused on industrial research and experimental development to increase competitiveness and strengthen the competencies of the business network in Galicia. 

800,000 hours of research and advanced engineering have been dedicated to the innovations developed, resulting, so far, in 10 registered patents. Facendo 4.0 began to be developed on September 26, 2020, with an execution period of 31 months, which came to an end in April 2023. The partners of Facendo 4.0 have invested 22.3 million euros, with public support of 12.2 million euros from the Galician Regional Government’s Department of Economy, Industry and Innovation, through the Galician Innovation Agency (Gain), co-financed by the European Union’s ERDF funds. 

Pioneer private 5G SA network in Vigo

Gradiant focuses its activity within the framework of Facendo 4.0 research in intelligent connectivity and information technologies. The main objective achieved has been to generate the necessary confidence in the new technologies that will serve as the basis of the automotive industry of the future, increasingly connected and agile, thanks to the intense use of the data generated by the different processes.


In the field of connectivity, Gradiant has designed, configured and deployed a private 5G SA network (what is now commercially called 5G+) for testing, together with a set of specific services -broadcast, network monitoring, interference detection, agile deployment, etc.- that have served to validate the functionalities required in the field of the Industry of the Future. This independent 5G network was deployed in a pioneering way in the world for Stellantis Vigo, which requested the temporary use of the 5G frequency to the State Telecommunications Secretariat in Spain on a self-provisioning basis, to successfully test the use of a totally private 5G network for the management of an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) circuit, replacing the Wifi network.


Regarding IoT, the mechanisms for the management of devices and applications used in Stellantis Vigo have been investigated, with a special focus on the agility of deployment and the maintenance of communications security, both in terms of prevention and detection, modeling and response to possible cyber-attacks.


Finally, in the Cloud line of work, methodologies and tools have been defined to optimize the use that a large industry makes of cloud resources, allowing to manage in a dynamic and transparent way several providers, while optimizing the good practices of development and deployment of applications.

Facendo 4.0 (Industrial Competitiveness and Electromobility through Innovation and Digital Transformation) is the project launched by Stellantis Vigo, within the framework of the fourth call for grants of the Fábrica Intelixente Program of the Xunta de Galicia, with the aim of contributing to increase competitiveness and strengthen the business network of the Galician Automotive Sector.