IN2IT, Gradiant’s solution for eLearning

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IN2IT aims to replace teacher’s handbook in the classroom for their electronic equivalent. IN2IT will prevent the teacher for not having to waste time on bureaucratic tasks, so they can dedicate their quality time to what really matters, to educate their pupils.

IN2IT constantly monitors the performance of the students real-time, and creates automatic reports.

After the class is over, IN2IT provides the teacher with a report of what that happened during class time, so the teacher doesn’t have to waste his or her time writting them by hand.

All the professional will have to do will be to reflect on what happened during the day.

IN2IT provides the necessary information to take the best informed decisions on how to improve student’s performance, thanks to Gradiant developments in the learning analytics field.

IN2IT advantages:

  • Compatible with the XAPI specification (Tin Can API)
  • Check the learning process of each student and generates real-time metrics
  • Endows the contents of the ability to report on how they are consumed
  • API to create intelligent and adaptive products



  • Real-time information on how users consume content
  • Adaptive contents
  • Troubleshooting of common problems about design and/or contents
  • Easy integration, thanks to its compatibility with the xAPI standard

IN2IT for teachers:

  • Real-time information about student’s problems 
  • Analysis of of their student’s evolution 
  • Classification of students and risk situations alert 



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