Gradiant sends a delegation to IoT Week 2016, Belgrade

IoT Week 2016held this year in Belgrade (Serbia) under the slogan “IoT goes large scale – BE A PART OF IT” is an event dedicated to create partnerships, ecosystems and value chains to ensure the rapid deployment of interoperable and replicable solutions in the field of IoT. This conference aims to link the research and innovation ecosystem regarding IoT with the business community.

The focus of the event will be new emerging opportunities that will be promoted, as well as the cooperation regarding topics of strategic importance, such as social and market challenges for the IoT technologies. The event will be attended by 300 to 500 representatives from industry and academia, from virtually all parts of the world. Gradiant, a reference ICT R&D Center in IoT technologies, sends a delegation to the event.

The European Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) is also actively involved in the Belgrade event. Gradiant’s Executive Director, Luis Perez Freire, who is also AIOTI’s WG06 Chair (Working Group 06, on Smart Farming and Food Security), will lead a workshop entitled “Smart Agriculture: higher performance, better quality, increased efficiency” on June 1 (that’s Industry Day), during the afternoon sessions.

AIOTI seeks to promote innovation in the european industry and define a common framework for research activities in this technology field. Today, AIOTI is the largest forum of IoT stakeholders in Europe. AIOTI identifies obstacles for the implementation of IoT, identifies gaps in standardization, and promotes synergies by bringing together various stakeholders from all sectors: telecommunications, Internet, automotive, primary sector, health and Smart cities.