Gradiant, Principia 2018 programme beneficiary

Gradiant has benefited from the PRINCIPIA program, of the Galician Agency of Innovation (GAIN), some economic aids for the hiring of personnel, for a minimum period of one year, to the accomplishment of activities of I+D+i in order to favor their professional career, as well as to stimulate the demand of the public and private sector of the personnel sufficiently qualified for the development of these activities. This aid can be requested by companies and research organisations, such as universities, foundations and technology centres.


  • Program: Principia 2018. Axudas para a contratación de tecnólogos para a realización de actividades de I+D+i
  • DOG publication date : 21/05/2018
  • Procedure code: IN848C
  • Strategic area: RIS3 – Programa PEME INNOVA