Gradiant, new technologies for companies


Two technologies of the technology centre based in Vigo, among the bets of the Programa Ignicia of the Galicia regional government

Ignicia is committed to support the creation of commercial applications from the Galician R&D&I in the form of spin-offs or licensing agreements


Gradiant makes stronger the role as an essential technology player in the Galician innovation system thanks to the support of the Programa Ignicia de Transferencia de Conocimiento, promoted by the Galician Innovation Agency, in collaboration with the Barrié Foundation.

Two new technology solutions developed by the technology center in Vigo will be supported by the Programa Ignicia to bring these technologies to the market. These are the ItDP, which will develop a technology for the digitisation and automated interpretation of technical documents; and ACE, a clinical decision support system based on artificial intelligence for the treatment of chronic wounds.