Gradiant attracts 10 million of European investment in innovation to Galicia

exterior de la sede del centro tecnológico Gradiant

Gradiant develops 36 European innovation projects

The centre closes the year with record revenues of 8.5 million euros

Gradiant attracts 10 million euros in European R&D projects since 2010: 2.1 million of them in the last year. The technology centre has already developed 36 projects at European level and is placed together with the Northwest Metallurgical Innovation Association (AIMEN) and the Foundation for the promotion of innovation, research and technology development of the Automobile Industry in Galicia (CTAG), among the main private innovation drivers in Galicia according to data from the European Commission. Since its beginnings, Gradiant has made possible the participation of 44 Galician entities in European projects, 12 of them SMEs, with a return of more than 19 million euros for Galicia.

The centre is also supplier of more than 370 different clients since its creation. 9

The record growth experienced by Gradiant in the last year is due to the increase in the contracting of R&D projects by private companies, which has tripled since 2019 and now stands at €5m. Currently, companies from Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico or Vietnam, among others, have opted for them. “In the last year, our usual clientele, made up of small and medium-sized companies, has been joined by large multinationals, with whom we are working on major projects and which boost our turnover” explains Fernando Jiménez, general manager of Gradiant.

“We want to be the spearhead of the technological transition of the Galician business fabric, both through innovative European projects that allow us to advance in areas unknown until now, and in collaboration with companies in the adoption of innovation solutions that transform their day to day thanks to technologies such as artificial intelligence or 5G” says Luis Pérez Freire, Executive Director of Gradiant. 7

Innovation for the business world

Gradiant has since 2021 a department of quantum technologies, formed by half a dozen professionals in advanced quantum communications. the area is currently working on the design and development of new key technologies for the future of telecommunications. The R&D&i projects that this department, which is one of the most cutting-edge in this field in Spain, can tackle would enable the democratisation of communication technologies used today, for example, in the aerospace sector, towards new sectors and uses.

The department accompanies the 5G laboratory as the most innovative advanced infrastructures implemented by Gradiant in its facilities to continue at the forefront of technological innovation. The 5G lab enables the creation of products and services of the future on 5G and generate products that are several years ahead of the current offer in the technology market. In its first year of activity, the laboratory has already developed 10 projects with 9 different companies and employs around twenty professionals.

The exponential increase in Gradiant’s activity since the creation of the 5G lab in 2021 has been reinforced by the recruitment of new talent for the technology centre. Gradiant already has more than 150 professionals specialised in cybersecurity, technology, innovation, telecommunications, security and defence, industry 4.0, aerospace and digital society.